Baggallini Messenger Bag Review

Messenger bags are the most convenient and user-friendly travel bags that anyone can invest in. These are way more spacious than a regular handbag and can serve so many different uses! With different styles and models designed by different brands these days, you can surely find the one for yourself!

Messenger bags have been in fashion for decades now, and with constant evolutions in design and technology, these have become the ‘must-have’ bags that are always trending! It doesn’t matter if you are a school kid, college-going person, traveler or even if you are a man or a woman, messenger bags suit everyone!

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Baggallini has some of the most affordable bags with the most excellent quality materials used. This brand has a wide range of bags to select from so you can definitely find one from the entire range of bags. If you are looking for a messenger bag that is incredibly convenient to travel with, this messenger travel bag from Baggalini is the one for you!

This Baggallini messenger travel bag has the style of a small backpack which looks exceptionally sporty. The crossbody strap allows you to comfortably carry this bag on your back while traveling, cycling, trekking, etc. The adjustable strap helps you to adjust the grip of this bag, and you can also carry it on one shoulder for a style statement!

This messenger bag is entirely made of sturdy nylon fabric and stitched together with supreme quality nylon thread which is incredibly durable. This nylon thread gives a superb, long-lasting finish to the travel bag making it resistant to wear and tear.

The exceptional storage in such a compact messenger bag is what makes this travel bag so different from the rest of the travel bags. It two small pockets; one on each side. One pocket has a Velcro fastening to store small objects like headphones, keys, pens, etc. The other pocket has an elastic fishnet to carry your water bottle for everyday use.

This Baggallini messenger travel bag has three different storage compartments. These huge storage compartments are secured with zippers to ensure all your items stay in place during traveling. You can easily store a laptop that is has a maximum length of 12” comfortably in this messenger travel bag.

This messenger bag is 9” wide which means that you can store your books, stationery, food items, electronic gadgets, and a lot more other items along with your 12” laptop comfortably! The excellent storage space does not make this travel bag bulky which is perfect for traveling in local transport. You won’t be bumping into passengers due to this bag, unlike other bulky messenger bags!

If you are someone who loves to cycle to work or college, this travel bag is the ideal match for you. It sits comfortably on your back during your bike ride without constantly adjusting the strap. The crossbody style of this bag makes it perfect for trekking and camping as well.

The different and spacious compartments allow you to organize all your items neatly in this messenger bag so that you don’t struggle when looking for the thing you want. With a different compartment on the exterior of the bag for the water bottle, you won’t have to worry about leakage inside your bag either!

The easy-access pockets allow you to keep your water bottle, headphones, snacks or even stationery on either side of this messenger travel bag. These features make it an excellent choice for college going people because they usually carry a lot of items for daily use.

This Baggallini messenger travel bag is an excellent bag for travelers who love to backpack and do extensive traveling. The crossbody style allows you to move handsfree during your travels when you want a compact bag instead of a large backpack. You can carry all your daily essentials for your day out such as a camera, portable charger, wallet, currency, medicines, etc.

Trekkers will especially love this bag because it is compact and lightweight. The excellent storage allows you to carry your camping and trekking items comfortably when you maneuver around the forest area. You can keep all your items stored neatly for easy access in this messenger bag during your trekking and camping trip.

If you are someone who loves to workout at the gym, this compact bag will be a great choice for carrying to the gym as well. The different compartments can help you store your clean clothes, used clothes, towel, shower essentials, and other gym essentials comfortably in this bag!

While this bag is a perfect choice for travelers, college-going people, and international travelers, it might not be the best choice for professionals who wear formal clothes every day. This is because the sporty look of this messenger bag does not match a professional outfit. This messenger bag isn’t the right choice for carrying to a professional meeting either.

This bag is great for men and women both which is another excellent feature of this bag. If you want an everyday rough and tough messenger back which is compact and bulk-free, this Baggallini messenger travel bag is the perfect choice for you! It is a nice bag for carrying to the gym as well!


  1. Made of extremely sturdy nylon fabric
  2. Excellent for daily use as it is resistant to wear and tear
  3. Perfect for handsfree traveling
  4. An excellent choice for college going people as well as backpackers
  5. Compact and lightweight material


  1. It has a very sporty look which does not match formal wear
  2. Only available in black color


Overall, this is an excellent messenger travel bag choice if you are looking for an affordable and superb quality bag for daily use. With the incredible durability and spacious storage, this Baggallini messenger bag is ideal for college going people, people to the gym every day, travelers and backpackers.

It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl because this unisex sporty messenger bag is the ideal bag for carrying your everyday essentials. The adjustable strap makes it even more user-friendly! Don’t wait any further. Purchase your Baggallini messenger travel bag today and enjoy handsfree traveling!

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