Berchirly Vintage Military Men Canvas Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are some of the most spacious everyday use handbags that a lot of people all over the world love to use. These bags are specially designed to provide excellent storage for daily use and traveling purposes along with the convenience of carrying this bag with the crossbody sling or right on the shoulder. Messenger bags have been in the fashion industry for decades now, and almost every handbag brand has at least one, if not more, version of these messenger bags!

With so many brands to choose from, it can get very confusing for you to purchase the right messenger bag for yourself. The Berchirly vintage military canvas messenger bag is an excellent option for a messenger bag for you.

This canvas messenger bag from Berchirly is one of the best messenger bags that you can shop for yourself online. It is made of extremely durable cotton canvas material that is resistant to wear and tear. You can use it all year round and not be worried about the color fading off or the threads coming off!

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This rough and tough messenger bag is super low maintenance which makes it perfect for anyone who wants a sturdy everyday use bag. The leather accents in the sling handle, as well as the buckles, are made of 100% genuine cow leather. These do not feather out or tear off as the cheap leather goods do. In fact, the leather is so good that it only gets better with time and with regular use! How convenient is that!

This Berchirly messenger bag is exceptionally spacious which allows you to store a lot of your daily essentials to travel with. It has four outside pockets which are quite big and spacious to store your sunglasses, sunscreen, smartphone, headphones, wallet and other items that you require easy access to.

The inner compartment of this messenger bag is zippered which means that you don’t have to be worried about your essentials falling out all over the place! The zipper ensures all your essentials are securely stored. There is an additional zippered pocket on the inside to store your valuables such as cash, tiny USB/Flash Drives or lip balms that tend to get lost in big bags.

This spacious Berchirly messenger bag can store your laptop up to 17” screen size comfortably without additional bulk. Along with your laptop, you can also store a few books, stationery and maybe a tiny water bottle too! This makes it excellent to carry to work or even to college where you don’t want to carry two bags – one for your essentials and the other specially designed for carrying laptops.

Students need spacious and sturdy bags because they carry a lot of books that can get heavy and also tend to tug on the stitches and rip the bottom portion of the bags. But when you purchase this Berchirly messenger bag, you can be assured that the stitches won’t come off because of the excellent and high-quality cotton canvas and sturdy stitch work.

Are you planning a camping trip and want a handy travel bag that can store all of your essentials? This Berchirly messenger bag is the bag for you! Apart from being a daily use messenger bag, it can be used for extensive traveling, hiking and camping because of its excellent storage capacity! You can store all your items right from your packaged food and drink water thermos to your electronic gadgets and camping tools. The small and spacious pockets allow you to organize all your things in the bag properly for convenient usage.

The only problem that one can face with this messenger bag is that due to its excellent storage capacity if you try to stuff in a lot of essentials, your bag might get way too bulky to carry. Try carrying only those items that you genuinely need so that you can reduce the bulk as well as the unnecessary weight of those items. Also, since this messenger bag from Berchirly has a vintage rugged look, it might not be the best option to carry it for meetings because it won’t look too formal to go with your outfit.

The best part about this Berchirly vintage canvas messenger bag is that it comes in a wide variety of colors! Most brands have a limited shade selection, but Berchirly has nine different colors for their customers to select from! The nine different colors it is available in have contrasting detail work in the leather flaps and buckles as well as the leather sling handle. You can easily choose from the contrasting color combination that you like so that it can match your everyday outfit fits!

This super spacious messenger bag is perfect for anyone who wants a spacious everyday travel bag that is sturdy and long-lasting. For the excellent quality and brand name, the affordable price makes this the best messenger bag to get your hands on! The vintage look of this wallet gives it a rugged look and feel which makes it stand out from the rest of the messenger bags in the market.


  1. Super stylish making it perfect for every outfit look
  2. Made of sturdy material which is durable and long-lasting
  3. Available in nine different shades to choose from
  4. Super spacious for everyday use
  5. Affordable for the excellent quality!


  1. Will not match formal outfits
  2. Because of its spacious built, it can get a bit too bulky for some people

Overall, if you really need a super sturdy and durable messenger bag that will last you a lifetime without tears, color fades or loose stitching, this Berchirly Vintage Military Canvas messenger bag is perfect you! Even if you are planning to go on a backpacking trip where you need a smaller bag for everyday use along with the huge backpack, this is an excellent option for you. So, don’t wait any longer! Get this superb quality Berchirly messenger bag for yourself today!

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