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Leather messenger bags are one form of the essential accessory of fashion for both men and women that may soon become a need. The leather messenger bags are really important to the office going people who like to carry around a lot of stuff along with their laptops to and fro from office to home. Messenger bags especially made of leather adds a lot of professional and elegant look to a person.

Lawyers, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Stockbrokers, and many other such people own leather messenger bags. You might have noticed these leather messenger bags around the market with them and if not then you might have seen in many movies that deal with money.

Leather Messenger bags are ideally used by both the generations of people whether it is young or middle-aged. Not only they are essential for office going people, but they can also serve a purpose for a normal student.

Before making a purchase of a leather messenger bag it is quite essential that you consider the requirements for it since they are pretty much costly. They should be of high quality and durable leather, they should not create rashes on your skin and hence should have adjustable straps, and they should enough compartments that can hold up most of your office needs. All these factors need to be considered before buying them.

Considering all these, we have made your tiresome work a little easier and brought you the list of best leather messenger bags that might surely attract you. Have a look at them!

1) Komalc 15 Inch Retro Buffalo Hunter Leather Laptop Messenger Bag Office Briefcase College Bag

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This KomalC 15 inch retro buffalo hunter leather laptop messenger bag office briefcase college bag is made from finest Hunter buffalo leather and is handcrafted by artisans working with leather over decades.

This super bulky looking messenger bag can accommodate almost every need of yours when you want to go out. Whether you have a laptop to carry, or iPad or bulky files that you want to take to the office, this bag is all you want.

The design along with those shining clutches in this bag makes it very stylish. It has two large handles at the back that allow you to wear in on your back or even it comes with a single adjustable shoulder strap that you can attach and wear it. It also comes with a small section for cards, pens, phones that will allow you to place them separately.

2) Komalc 15 Inch Retro Buffalo Hunter Leather Laptop Messenger Bag Office Briefcase College Bag

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Next up is from the same manufacturer but still different looking messenger bag. This bag cum briefcase also has similar design language, however, it has got that differently polished leather that makes it look different from the previous one. Storage-wise it is similar to the previous one, with the same capacity to hold all of your laptops or iPad or any kind of files.

It has separate pockets for phones, pens, or cards as well. There are almost negligible differences between the previous one and this one, however, they both stand out differently from others.

The nice pairing through the straps at the front, small zipper at the back end and an extra strap that can be connected to wear it over the shoulder. This messenger bag does make you feel worthy of each and every penny you have spent on buying it.

3) Kenneth Cole Reaction “Risky Business” Colombian Leather Flap over Cross Body Messenger Bag

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Yet another stylish and sleek looking messenger bag that instantly attracts you towards it is the Kenneth Cole Reaction Colombian leather flap over crossbody messenger bag.

This bag’s complete exterior with the fully lined interior is made completely from cowhide leather. The materials that make up the color of the bag is truly elegant and look professional. It has pockets for mobile phones, a zipper pocket to hold and an exterior compartment for essentials.

The strap that comes along with the bag is adjustable such that it can hold up to your body. All in all this bag is the total worth of every single penny spent on it. If you are working professional and you want something that can hold up all of your laptop, files, daily essentials then this definitely hit up your choice.

4) Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over Laptop Messenger Bag

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Samsonite is a very popular brand that has gained its popularity delivering various different styles of luggage and travel bags or briefcases. It is crafted of genuine leather and has everything that you want from a messenger bag. The stylish black color just attracts us every moment of it. Coupled with a best-styled pair of jeans and a shirt or t-shirt, this will completely cover your style icon.

It has one zip compartment and a lot of space inside the bag that can hold your laptop, phone or any other daily essentials that you want to come along with you when you go out to office work.

It has removable shoulder straps that can be adjustable for personal convenience. It also comes with a 3-year warranty period in case that helps you procuring this. The buckles on the front are no exception to its good looks.

5) Polare Men’s Top Quality Full Grain Leather Briefcase / Shoulder Bag / Messenger Bag / Satchel Fit 17” Laptop

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Now if you have many things to carry and need some extravagant space to carry them, then this Polare Men’s top-quality full-grain leather briefcase or shoulder bag or messenger bag or satchel is one for you. It is definitely heavy looking and has that extra of everything.

It has extra straps, extra buckles to hold up, fiercely adjustable shoulder strap, super shiny holders on either side, very spacious, extra bulky or two smaller pockets at inner side.

This is a perfect bag to hold your 17” inch laptop if at all you’re looking for one such bag. It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty and since this is made of high-quality grain materials, this is definitely one to look out for.

6) KPL 18 Inch Rustic Vintage Leather Messenger Bag Laptop Bag Briefcase Satchel Bag

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KPL 18 inch rustic vintage leather messenger bag is yet another stylish looking messenger bag that can hold up all of your laptops, essential needs in a compact space compared too many other such messenger bags. This is handcrafted with genuine leather by craftsmen and is really stylish, lightweight and has a durable canvas lining. Since there are two large pockets on the outside, the interior becomes very compact.

It also has one free zipper pocket that is available from the back which can hold up your simple files or papers. There are an adjustable shoulder strap, 2 front pockets and 2 side pockets that can hold up all of your simple accessories. It can be used as a messenger bag or laptop bag or even as a briefcase for your office purposes.

7) PL 16 Inch Vintage Leather Messenger Bag Briefcase / Fits up to 15.6 Inch Laptop

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Next up on our list is the PL 16 inch vintage leather messenger bag briefcase from Komal’s passion leather. It is made up of genuine leather and every bag has been made with olive green in all their bags. This 16-inch wide bag looks really beautiful and is truly different from another lot.

It has a single large pocket at the front which has a buckle to cover and also has two other buckles on either side to close the bag this bag similar to others has an adjustable strap and also a small cushioned padding over it which will allow your shoulders to feel rested.

Apart from this, it also has a zipper pocket at the front and also a zipper compartment inside, which will allow you to store all of your daily outing essentials to office or college. Not only this, but it also has a zipper compartment at the back, for additional storage.

8) Komal’s Passion Leather 16″ Sturdy Messenger Bag for Laptop (Fits 14″ / 15.6″)

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Next up is simple looking Komal’s passion leather 16-inch sturdy messenger bag that can hold up your 15 inches or 16-inch laptop very conveniently. If you’re fed up with your old bag and want to get rid of it with something simple and neat looking bag, then this must be one of your options.

It has that elegant look with neat designer elements that can add up to your style. This sturdy looking bag is made of genuine leather that comprises olive green added to them. It has the YKK branded zippers that beautifully match with the colors of the bag and has that convenient space to hold up all of your basic office necessities.

It has the laptop space, mobile phone compartment, sturdy handle, two inner zipped compartments and one outer zipper for fast convenience. Again the leather may look faded out in color, but it is truly because of its genuinity.

9) Kattee Vintage Leather Flap over Messenger Bag Fit 10″ Laptop

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If you’re not a big fan of large looking messenger bags or if your requirements are pretty much simple or if you don’t carry a bulky laptop and carry a small laptop or an iPad to your office, then Katte’s Vintage Leather Flap over Messenger Bag which can fit 10-inch laptop is one perfect choice. This bag is made of genuine cowhide brown leather and has simple needs met.

It has a magnet closure at the front and one zipper pocket at the exterior end. Rather than looking sturdy or bulky this takes the simplistic or minimalistic approach and gives you that classic or retro design like feel. It has two unique pen compartments, two small pockets that can hold up all of your cards, mobiles, and keys, etc., stuff. It has an adjustable strap that can easily be adjusted and is truly convenient to use.

10) Handmade_world Leather Messenger Bags for Men Women 18″ Men’s Briefcase Laptop Bag Best Computer Shoulder Satchel School Distressed Bag (13″ X 18″)

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The Handmade_world leather messenger bag for men and women is that bulky sturdy messenger bag that has all the elements required for a professional to look out for before buying a messenger bag cum briefcase. This bag has that soothing reddish look and is made from imported leather. It has pockets in and around it. So in total, you get 3 outer pockets, 1 outer and 2 on either side.

It has zipper shelves inside the bag which can hold up all of the necessary commodities of yours like a laptop, files, documents and other related stuff that you care about. It is all in all for those sales representatives that carry most of the document related work on the go. So it can hold much of those and still have enough to carry little more.


Messenger bags are of really great importance to the office people who hush around the busy streets of financial markets. Not only for those people but might it actually also be useful for college teens, young employees who have a lot of stuff to do on the go.

These bags are mostly made from leather and have some kind of lining that can protect from a splash of rains but not completely. The trend of these was started lately but soon caught the attention of many, thanks to its usefulness and need. It is important to make a thoughtful decision before making a purchase since these bags are not cheap.

So before you buy any leather messenger bag, make of list of why do you want it? And then from the list of available bags, choose the one which might satisfy closely to that list of you. In this way, you will be definitely making a wise decision and hence the money spent on it will not go in vain. Considering such factors, we have prepared our list. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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