30+ Best Messenger Bags

Bags were tended to be only of limited types in earlier days. Briefcases were the most popular choice to carry the stuff to the office or any other professional occasions. However, as time progressed, the more the options came, the more difficult it became for users to select.

Messenger bags are one of those who lost their importance in that race. It’s time to take another look at these bags and try to get back their importance.

Usually, what the needs are and based on that consumers decide to choose which kind of bags. Messenger bags are in every type of people no matter whether you’re young or middle-aged or even old.

Messenger bags can allow storing any materials inside them. If you’re carrying heavy luggage with laptops, books, and other stuff, or even the lightest, there are messenger bags for every kind of them.

Since we raised your expectations what messenger bags can offer you, we must provide you the best of them. Hence we compiled together a list of best messenger bags that you can buy right now.

1) Timbuk2 Messenger Bag

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This messenger bag is one of the classic examples of how good looking and decent a messenger bag can be. It has all the essential elements placed at the right place along with the stylish and urban touch to it that makes you stand out.
Made from 100% polyethylene material in the USA, it has the internal organizers to hold pens, phones along with a small portion to keep a water bottle. The straps are comfortable and have meshes that can circulate the air all around.

2) Mobile Edge Eco Laptop Messenger Bag

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This messenger bag from Mobile Edge is made from eco-friendly all-natural cotton canvas and has the compartment to let you place a laptop of size up to 17 inches. It has a full-size back pocket along with a removable ID holder and multiple anchor locations. It has a padded back panel and rubberized handle that can give you extra comfort. The padded shoulder strap is one of those who doesn’t let you feel the burden of carrying heavy stuff in it.

3) Berchirly Vintage Military Men Messenger Bag

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Well if vintage items attract you, then this messenger bag is worth considering. It has that vintage element along with the required materials at the right spot. Made from canvas and leather one sizeable single compartment that can hold your books, laptop or an iPad and four small pouches like outside bags that will allow you to store other required stuff. Coming in seven different styles, this messenger bag is worth looking out for if you desire to carry a classy style quo.

4) Rapiddominance Classic Messenger Bags

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Now if you prefer to have something that looks simple and also serves its purpose then this bag from RapidDominance might surprise you. It has that raw materials to it since made from canvas and polyester lining. All seven pockets designed for quick access. It has the front pockets which would be ideal for keys, flashlight, pens or any other small things. On one side there is a provision to carry the water bottle. The 2-inch wide strap is also designed neatly providing you the required comfort.

5) Fabuxry Women Shoulder Cum Messenger Bag

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Well as we said earlier, the messenger bags are for everyone and women are no exception. This messenger bag from Fabuxry is one of the best designed and articulated shoulder cum messenger bag that satisfies the essential requirements for women. Made from nylon, it is available in eight different color options and has enough compartments to store the stuff like laptop, mobile, books, pens, water bottle, etc.,

6) Wowbox Vintage Canvas Leather Messenger Bag

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This is yet another best messenger bag made by Wowbox from genuine canvas leather and premium canvas materials. It is made from horse leather and sewed with 100% washed canvas fabric. It has that vintage cum classic look to it that instantly pulls you towards it. It also possesses that briefcase like handling along with the padded strap that is convenient to stick. The compartments are enough to store about 15.6” inch laptop and other essentials.

7) Leaper Cross Body Messenger Bag

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If you don’t like the messenger bags that are hanging around on one side of the shoulder and instead want it to be on the back, then this one is for you. This bag is made from soft and durable washed canvas along with PU leather decoration at some spots. Though it is ideal for carrying on your back, the strap is still adjustable. There is plenty of room inside the bag to take the laptop and books. Plenty of pockets to store some of your other required stuff.

8) Kenneth Cole Reaction Messenger Bag

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This one is one of our personal favorites. It has a decent and professional look to it and has all the right elements placed at the right spots. Made from genuine leather and has a polyester lining, this messenger bag has flap closure that makes it very convenient and easy to use. With four different color variants, this bag has plenty of space to hold the laptop and other stuff. It has a strap that can stretch up to 24 inches.

9) Komalc Retro Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag

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If your preference is something that requires a lot of stuff to carry and doesn’t necessarily be light in weight, then this can be your choice of options. It is made from retro buffalo hunter leather and lined with high-quality canvas. This bag is handcrafted by artisans and has that rustic vintage look to it. With concealed snap closures for easy access, adjustable shoulder strap and a padded compartment for a laptop to fit it, this bag deserves the spot in our best messenger bag list.

10) Ecosusi Vintage Cross Body Messenger Bag

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Ideally, this one from Ecosusi is a classic looking vintage crossbody messenger bag that will be in the very compact state even after filling it with all the needed stuff. This vintage-looking messenger bag is made from PU leather and has a durable top handle along with straps that are both detachable and adjustable. The flap top fastens with two magnetic buttons present underneath it. There are separate compartments that will help to distinguish.

11) Casecrown Campus Horizontal Messenger Bag

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This is an elegant and beautiful looking messenger bag. The impressive and most popular design among people who prefers carrying their laptop or iPad in their messenger bag. This bag can fit up to 13-inch laptops and has a padded interior divider with an elastic band and Velcro closure for security. It has multiple fronts, back, interior, side flap pockets, and slots with Velcro closure and zippers to cover them up as needed. This bag is made of durable canvas material.

12) Timbuk2 Commute Messenger Bag

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This bag is again from Timbuk2 designed for everyday commuters. It is made from polyethylene; this bag has around ten interior slips, one interior zip, and three exterior zips. The interior is made of TPU liner that makes the task of cleaning and reusing very simple. It has a removable, adjustable strap that allows you to stretch it as per convenience. Apart from this, the bag looks beautiful and is comparatively slim compared to many others.

13) iBagBar Water Resistant Messenger Bag

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This messenger bag from IBagBar looks astonishingly different because of its looks and also the kind of materials used in making it. It is made from heavy-duty and water-resistant Oxford fabric with sturdy buckles and a better leather accompanied with better reinforcing sewing method. In total it has nine pockets, which are large enough to store all of your required stuff like iPad, laptop, wallet, mobile, accessories and notebooks. A different locking mechanism at the front is one of our favorite features of this bag.

14) Clean Vintage Hybrid Laptop Messenger Bag

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Well if you’re a person who cares about style in every personal accessory that you purchase and prefers buying a messenger bag that looks ideally stylish, then this messenger bag is for you. The canvas-rich grey color is one of our favorites. It not only is a laptop messenger bag but also can be converted into a shoulder pack. It has beautifully crafted linings and the matching colored zippers and shoulder straps. All in all, it is the complete package that you cannot ignore.

15) Micoolker Multifunctional Messenger Bag

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Micoolker’s multifunctional messenger bag is exactly how the bag looks in the image. The messenger bag is made from high density washed canvas and has pockets everywhere around it. Coming in six different colors, and different sizes to match your needs, it has the multifunctional pockets that can keep all your belongings in a neat, organized manner. It best compliments for students, business outdoors, for travel and work.

16) Plambag Canvas Messenger Bag

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Plambag canvas messenger bag is made full of canvas which is eco-friendly, durable and comfortable. It has two main zipper compartments, one mesh pocket and one zipper pocket to meet all the essential needs. There is one compartment at the end of the bag that allows you to put on an iPad or you’re Kindle or any other notepad as well. On the front, there is a pocket that has card slots as well and can be used to place your wallet as well

17) Aibag Messenger Bag

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Aibag messenger bag is as light as air in its design. It has style elements to it that lures you towards it. For instance, the flap closure at the front is diagonally placed which makes it stand out from the rest. It is made from 100% cotton canvas and is so compact, thanks to its square shape instead of regular rectangular shape. It has the central compartment, cell phone, and zipper pocket. Space is ideal for iPad, 12” laptops and few more notebooks other than regular accessories.

18) J World New York Thomas Laptop Messenger Bag

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This messenger bag from J World New York Thomas is one of its kind. It is made from 100% polyester and has a polyester lining that makes it water-resistant. The laptop space, the notebook space, the cards space, the pens slot, everything is available for you. The design elements of this bag are so unique that they make a lasting impression. It is different from all the list that we have shown above. All the patterns are trendy and have push-lock closure.

19) Evecase Laptop Messenger Bag

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This evecase laptop messenger bag is one that is elegantly designed and has all the spaces, compartments that are ideal for a laptop, notes, pen slots, pocket diaries, and other books that you want to carry. The materials of this bag are made from highly durable canvas. It comes in three different sizes that allow you to store laptops ranging from 13” laptop to 17” laptop. A shoulder strap is also detachable and adjustable as per convenience.

20) Gearonic Men’s Satchel Messenger Bag

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Well if you’re someone who carries a lot of books or camera accessories or any other materials to showcase to your clients, then a satchel bag with plenty of space. This bag is also made from a high canvas material that outshines what you put in. It has four external pockets, one large compartment, and one internal compartment. The vintage look to it is ideal if you’re a traveler and don’t want to miss out on any of the things.

21) G4Free Tactical Messenger Bag

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This messenger bag is another different one from all the above list but still serves the same purpose. It has the unique shoulder strapping that makes it viable to use in for both outdoor goals as well as when you’re traveling for long distances. The shoulder strap is still fully adjustable, padded and ergonomically designed. If you’re a vlogger and want to carry all the media accessories, then this one of your best messenger bag options.

22) Lifewit Vintage Canvas Messenger Bag

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Another canvas leather messenger bag that looks so attractive catching your eye and luring you to stare at it. Ideally, the combination of colors with the help of canvas and leather makes it more elegant. It has all the essential spaces required for a messenger bag. The handle on the top, adjustable shoulder strap, and two closure straps at the front. It has one large zipper pocket, two front pockets and eight other pockets with magnetic buckles.

23) Qipi Messenger Bag

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This one is a professionally designed messenger bag ideal for professionals for both men and women. This bag comes in four different color options and can hold up to 14-inch laptops. Made from the highly durable material, it is still light in weight and gives that premium look when you take it out on your shoulders. This bag has eight different pocket holders, this messenger bag will leave you ecstatic once you go along with it outside.

24) Harwish Men’s Multi-Functional Messenger Bag

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Harwish men’s multi-functional messenger bag is a high-density canvas made and is a very durable shoulder bag. It is light in weight and is the epitome of taking out on sports, travel, and work. The bag has neat and minimal design looks, with pockets and spaces that are enough to uphold all of your requirements to take it out. The shoulder strap is convenient, adjustable, comprehensive and genuinely comfortable.

25) Everywhere Messenger Bag for NIntendo Switch

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If you’re really into games and a daily Nintendo switch user to your everyday commuting places, then you already know how difficult it is to carry it without a proper pouch or cover to hold it. This messenger bag is manufactured just right for you. It stores the complete Nintendo Switch system with easy portability and the 2 in 1 design that lets you take out an internal case that carries the Nintendo switch. Apart from this, all messenger bags are present in this.

26) Sechunk Canvas Leather Messenger Bag

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This one is for those who like ruggedness. People who are stubborn with their choices tend to make the most ethical decisions. This bag is one perfect example of it. It’s made from high-quality canvas, imported leather and bronze materials, the messenger bag contains six pockets, one main pocket and outside two front pockets. It has a designed-in retro style and has minimum looks in terms of styling.

27) Clear Cross-Body Messenger Shoulder Bag

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For a person like me who tends to carry a lot of things in a single bag whenever I go out, it becomes quite difficult to juggle between things kept inside the bag to find what I am looking for. This bag maker tries to solve this problem by making the bag clear case letting you get a clear view of everything that you’re carrying. This makes it more convenient to find things. It is simple and comes in two different sizes with an adjustable shoulder strap.

28) Gootium Vintage Messenger Bag

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This is yet another simple looking vintage canvas messenger bag from Gootium. Made from heavy-duty canvas, lined with soft cotton fabrics, that can provide you durable performance and value for money. It comes in three different color options and can be used for 15” laptops as well as to hold DSLR sets easily. The colors may look little dull, but the canvas material if full of its worth and it has all the spaces, compartment options ticked right.

29) Gootium Small Shoulder Messenger Bag

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This messenger bag is also from Gootium, and unlike the previous one, this is designed to meet the needs of small shoulder people who prefer small stylish bags instead of long and rectangular. It is also made from 100% cotton canvas and can fit in an iPad or a kindle easily. The main compartment can be closed with a flap and snap button, well-located pockets that can organize all of your stuff without mixing from each other.

30) Jack & Chris Handmade Men’s Leather Messenger Bag

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Well, this one is from famous Jack & Chris and is a handmade leather messenger bag that has a simplistic design approach and crafted materials attached to its appreciation. It is made from full-grain cowhide leather and can hold up an iPad Pro along with some other notepad or books stuff. It is for someone who carries lightweight material and has the pockets internally designed that can make it an organized, beautiful messenger bag.

31) Suvom Canvas Leather Messenger Bag

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This one from suvom is a canvas fabric made messenger bag that is uniquely designed keeping in mind the regular users of messenger bags. It is shorter in height but has enough room space that allows you to keep up to 14-inch laptops, another notepad, and stuffs along with it. It also has one small inner zip pocket, two pen slots, and two other internal slots. It can be a school bag, casual shoulder bag or even a laptop messenger bag.


You know in day-to-day outgoing activities, we remind ourselves to put in a lot of stuff that we want to carry to the places we go. But often we miss out on those things knowingly or unknowingly, and one of the possible reasons could be shortcomings of the bags that we choose. Messenger bags are one ideal choice bags that can suit various needs. This list compiles the best of those messenger bags that you can buy right away.

In this list, the messenger bags made from canvas and different other materials listed. They have full options to store all of your essentials which you want to carry along. The shoulder straps, the pocket sizes, the elegance looking design, the minimalist, the solution givers, the affordable ones, all different kinds of messenger bags are listed here.

So what do you think about our list? Let us know in the comments section below in case we missed any!

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