Cenzo Italian Leather Messenger Bag Review

Messenger bags have been famous for decades for their excellent storage capacity as well as for their durability. There are a lot of different types of messenger bags that you can select from as well as different sizes and colors!

Most of the messenger bags are manufactured with a sturdy canvas material for a more rough and tough feature. Since messenger bags were created with the idea of durability and comfort, canvas material worked the best in this category. But there are a lot of people who feel that the canvas looks too cheap. This is where leather messenger bags come in the picture!

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Leather messenger bags have less possibility of tearing and falling apart as compared to canvas bags. These also last you a lifetime without getting stained or scratched! Cenzo is one such brand that makes excellent quality Italian leather messenger bags, and this product is one of the best from its collection!

Italian leather is recognized as one of the best leathers in the world and is generally more expensive than regular branded leather in the market. Cenzo Italian crafts its wallets, belts and bags with the finest Italian leather to give their products a supremely classy finish.

This 100% genuine leather used in manufacturing this Cenzo messenger bag is vegetable tanned. The beautiful full-grain calfskin leather used in the making of this messenger bag has deep color tones. The vegetable tan base gives it rich brown and reddish colors. The semi-gloss finish prevents stains from ruining the leather.

The best part of this high-quality Italian leather is that it has large pores that absorb the smells. You will notice the beautiful and sweet-smelling nail polish scent when you first remove this messenger bag from the packaging.

Cheaper leather bags and wallets have terrible plastic smells when you first remove them from the packaging. This Cenzo Italian leather messenger bag has a sweet new leather smell which is the results of the leather edge paint and clear stain coating. This scent gently fades away within 24 hours once the bag comes in touch with fresh air.

With the excellent quality of leather and tanning methods used, this Cenzo Italian leather messenger bag will get better as the time flies by! It will also get softer and develop a beautiful rich patina with regular usage.

The storage space in this Cenzo messenger bag is brilliant. It has two gusset pockets, three pen holders, one smartphone holder, one large zip pocket at the back of this messenger bag and one huge storage area divided into two halves for extra storage. You can organize all your everyday essentials neatly in this messenger bag.

Apart from the supreme quality, storage and durability of this messenger bag, it is incredibly comfortable to carry around as well. The long leather shoulder strap of 40/46” makes it easy to carry this on one shoulder or in a crossbody style to travel handsfree. It is detachable too so you can remove this strap when it is not in use.

This Cenzo Italian leather messenger bag has the perfect professional and formal look which makes this ideal to carry to work. It will perfectly match your formal wear and will also have heads turning to check out this classy leather messenger bag! This fine leather messenger also matches every formal outfit too!

You can also carry this messenger bag in flight or on the train when you are traveling between cities or even different countries to give your outfit a classier look. The segregated and spacious compartments allow you to store all your travel essentials like passport, makeup, gadgets, pens, etc. completely organized in this bag!

One of the best features of this Cenzo messenger bag is that it will match both masculines as well as feminine attires. The unisex design makes it perfect for every person to carry around and also for every age!

If you are a college-going student and are looking for a professional bag to carry to your university every day, this messenger bag is an excellent choice for you. You will surely grab a lot of attention with this bag at college! Apart from the classy look, it is also extremely spacious to carry your laptop, notebooks, water bottle, stationery, and other essentials!

The design of this Cenzo messenger bag makes it perfect for every outfit style. Most of the professional bags look a little out of place when worn on casual clothing, but this Cenzo messenger bag goes beautifully with almost every outfit you wear!

The only problem one can find in this beautifully crafted Italian leather messenger bag is the high price point. Cenzo is a well-known Italian leather products brand recognized for the excellent quality, stitching, and durability of their products. It is best you save up quite a lot before you purchase this messenger bag! Another problem you can face while purchasing this messenger bag is that is available only in one tan, brown color and not a wide range of colors.

That being said, this Cenzo Italian leather messenger bag is a beautiful designer bag that deserves a spot in your bag collection. It is classy, long-lasting, durable and super spacious for everyday usage. You won’t even have to worry about it staining all thanks to the semigloss finish of this premium leather!


  1. Excellent choice of the messenger bag for work and formal attire
  2. Crafted from 100% genuine leather which is super sturdy
  3. Vegetable-tanned along with a semi-gloss finish to avoid staining
  4. Superb storage capacity
  5. Perfect for men and women both
  6. Will suit people of all ages
  7. This leather messenger bag gets better as it ages!


  1. Slightly expensive for a messenger bag
  2. Only available in one color


Overall, this is a very high-quality premium Italian leather messenger bag from Cenzo that will last you a lifetime. You won’t need to purchase any other travel or messenger bags when you purchase this beautiful Italian leather messenger bag! It will match every outfit of yours, and you will be able to store all your essentials comfortably in its spacious compartments.

If you have a higher budget and really want to invest in a designer messenger bag, this is the one for you! You will be grabbing a lot of attention when you travel carrying this Cenzo Italian leather messenger bag!

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