DesertWolf Premium Cotton Canvas Cross Body Laptop Messenger Bag

One more popular and successful laptop messenger bag is the DesertWolf Premium Cotton Canvas Cross Body Laptop Messenger Bag from the eminent luggage manufacturer DesertWolf. Have you been in the search for a canvas PU leather laptop bag, which looks modest and capable of carrying your items comfortably?

For those who love the class and style, DesertWolf Premium Cotton Canvas Cross Body Laptop Messenger Bag is the right choice for you, and it is classier than any ordinary leather laptop messenger bag. It is wholly of style and fashion suitable for business and casual travels.

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The DesertWolf Premium Cotton Canvas Cross Body Laptop Messenger Bag is made from high-quality cotton canvas, decorated with PU leather. This bag is a vintage designer bag that is well-sewn, and the craftsmanship speaks by one look. The rooms are sufficient with multiple pockets for business, travel and everyday use.

The shoulder strap is made of canvas material which you can easily adjust the length of the strap according to your need. The strap is sturdy to withhold the weight of the bag for frequent everyday use. You can carry the bag over the shoulder, crossbody or you can simply carry it by the center handle as a classic briefcase. This messenger bag is easy and also comfortable to carry. This bag takes hits well and also looks good even after long usage.

This DesertWolf laptop messenger bag can fit your 13.3-inch laptop, iPad, A4 size files, cell phone, wallet, keychain, and other small items. The leather flap and buckle closure ensure the safety of your things. The flap closure is made of PU leather, and it is highly durable. The hardware used in this bag is heavy-duty steel which cannot be broken by your normal use. The stainless steel buckles give a good look as well.

That’s the everyday packing list, and it fits just fine. It is suitable for an extreme minimalist, who often carry sole travel bag. In addition to the items mentioned above, you can fold up a pair of underwear, a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and a pair of socks, and make it all fit. You cannot use this in place of the luggage. The size may not fit for those who expect a carry of a well-sized electronics or other similar little large things. The DesertWolf laptop messenger bag is a compact bag that perfectly suits a minimalist.

This messenger bag is something that you carry to work every day. It’s a bag that spends as much time with you as your cell phone and other necessary accessories of your everyday. It will become an extension of your fashion. Again all of this is suitable for a minimalist’ EDC.

The character of this briefcase will start building even before you open the box. The vintage look and the compact size is what you will all love about this bag. The straps and buckles are perfect for hard hand, and it works great for lifelong.

The strap and buckle are long enough letting you feel the resemblance of the vintage briefcase. Because of the partial leather material in the body, the shape of the bag is not a concern when it is stored up to its maximum capacity. Also, the stretchable material tends to expand when you put a lot of things and also you can close the bag with the adjustable strap closure.

Whereas zippers, in general, are great for travel gear, they have no habitation on a bag like this. Whether your adventure takes you across the town on the train at rush hour, this briefcase gets you covered for all hustle bustles. At times when you feel to change the way of carrying the messenger bag, it lets you effortless to navigate and also the sturdy leather handle helps you carry it as a briefcase. The handle is made of leather and doesn’t tear off even after hard use.

When it comes to the question, how much affordable the bag is? Though it looks pricey, the answer will surprise you with the cost-effective range for its function and style. After long use, the leather strap will not have the same stiffness once it was. It will become soft and make it easy to use.


  • Look and feel
  • Durability
  • Perfect craftsmanship


  • Size may be an issue for some
  • Open pockets


DesertWolf Premium Cotton Canvas Crossbody Laptop Messenger Bag marks the beginning of many adventures. The reason is that they are the absolute best quality product and engineered to last with style. You need not take extra effort for cleaning the bag to give it a clean look. A simple hand washes with cold water is a required necessary and minimal cleaning action.

Perhaps, the most compelling thing about why you should purchase a DesertWolf Laptop Messenger Bag is for its vintage look and comfortable functions.

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