EcoCity Cotton Canvas Leather Cross Body Messenger Bag

Messenger bags have always been a massive hit in the fashion industry for decades. Be it in the bohemian 1970’s hippie culture or the 1980’s grunge rock or even the2000’s professional chic fashion.

Messenger bags have been the handbag that every man and every woman wanted to get their hands on. It is no surprise that this handbag design has made its way into today’s modern, hipster and chic fashion looks! There are a lot of brands that manufacture excellent quality cross body messenger bags, and one such brand is EcoCity.

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This eco-friendly casual crossbody laptop bag from EcoCity is perfect for professionals who are looking for sophisticated and chic laptop handbag to carry to the office and for meetings. You can easily carry it for a casual look to work or a professional look in the evening to a meeting!

This EcoCity laptop bag is made of cotton canvas which is extremely durable and perfect for regular usage. It is resistant to regular wear and tear which makes it ideal for anyone looking for low maintenance bags for daily use.

The leather decorations are made of 100% genuine crazy horse leather which is extremely sturdy! The leather decorations add a vintage look to the entire bag making it perfect for that boho-chic look. The inner lining of this EcoCity laptop bag is also made of cotton which is extremely durable too and tear-resistant.

The adjustable shoulder strap of this laptop messenger bag makes it super comfortable to carry as well! For a meeting, to look professional, you can reduce the length of the shoulder strap and use the handbag handle to carry it like a briefcase.

This bag will also make you look more presentable and more mature because a cross body messenger bag usually gives off a college student look. Let’s face it; a college student attire isn’t the ideal look you want to go for when attending a professional meeting!

The best part about this bag is its excellent storage capacity. It has four small pockets for storing your phone, headphones, lip balms or even your pens for easy access. The inner zippered compartment allows you to store your smaller items that tend to get misplaced in the big bag.

The center zippered compartment acts as a divider for this messenger laptop bag. On one side of this divider, you can neatly place your laptop and the charger. On the other part of this divider, you can carry your books, makeup pouch for ladies using this bag, your wallet or purse, and even a tiny water bottle!

There’s a small zippered pocket inside this bag for additional storage as well. You can easily store your headphones, lip balms, handkerchief and other items for easy access in the zippered pocket behind this laptop bag. With this laptop messenger bag, you can never really run out of space for storing your everyday essentials!

College-going students will love this messenger bag because they can comfortably carry all their books, stationery, electronic gadgets, and their smartphones, iPads, etc. in this bag. College students who want to add ping tags and embroidered patches on this handbag can easily do that too! You can decorate this bag to make a style statement. It is excellent for on the go travelers as well!

If you don’t want to use this messenger bag as a laptop bag for work or college, then you can use this as a travel bag to carry with you on your travels! With the excellent storage capacity and segregated compartments for organizing your handbag essentials, this EcoCity crossbody bag is perfect for travelers! Along with your backpack, you can carry this crossbody bag so that you can easily take your items in this during trips where you don’t want to bring the massive backpack on your back!

You can easily carry your first aid supplies, water bottle, wallet, hand towels, sunscreen, quick snacks to much on the go along with your portable charger and electronic items in this bag! The excellent storage capacity makes this perfect for travelers!

This EcoCity crossbody laptop messenger bag is perfect for people on a budget too. It is affordable, low maintenance and will last you a lifetime without any fading of the cotton canvas or tear of the leather decorations. You don’t even have to worry about making a hole in your pocket when purchasing this wallet! The EcoCity messenger bag is readily available both online as well as in stores.


1. Sturdy and resistant to wear and tear
2. Perfect for casual as well as professional outfits
3. Budget-friendly for the excellent quality and price!
4. Incredible spacious and perfect for daily use


1. Not waterproof
2. Not suitable for all-weather usage

Overall, this laptop crossbody bag is perfect for men and women. The design is ideal for everybody of every age! So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this EcoCity cotton canvas laptop bag right away! Not just that; it is also a perfect gift for your family and friends!

If you want to save a few extra bucks on your purchase, you can wait for seasonal sales or lightning discount deals on online shopping sites so that you get this affordable messenger bag at an even more affordable price!

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