Gootium 21108 Cotton Canvas Genuine Leather Messenger Bag

“You don’t have to buy a bag which is more than a top-end iPhone to look cool.” When it comes to the bag, we would require maximum storage of our everyday carrying things. Like a laptop, notebook, tablet, mobile, wallet or even other accessories which are most important to carry for business travel, work or even for college. In that way, Gootium 21108 Canvas Genuine Leather Messenger Bag is one to opt for.

A messenger bag is also called a courier bag. It is worn over one shoulder with a strap that goes across the chest resting the bag on the lower back; while messenger bags are sometimes used by courier men. They are now also an urban fashion icon. Some types of messenger bags are called carryalls. A smaller version is often called a sling bag.

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They are similar to the functions of backpacks; messenger bags ensure comfort to people carrying heavy and bulky items while allowing easy access to the contents. Messenger bags typically include features that make them mainly apt for cyclings, such as fittings that make it easy to adjust the shoulder strap, quick-release buckles, an adjustable hinged buckle, and the ability to attach a range of accessories, such as lights, phone holsters, or U-locks. Modern stabilizing straps help to prevent the bag from shifting while riding.

The top-opening one-strap design allows messenger bags to be easily swung around the front so that their contents can be accessed without having to remove the bag.

For a Messenger bag to work best, there are few important properties to be considered. Such as,

  • Quality of the Materials
  • Dimensions
  • Features (hardware usability)
  • Practicality
  • Details of functions
  • Closure

By accounting for these properties, we can get the ultimate bag for our needs.

Here is why Gootium 21108 Canvas Genuine Leather Messenger Bag is top-picked by the bag lovers. This vintage super stylish messenger bag is made of high quality washed canvas and Crazy-horse leather. It has a retro-style look and also it is trusted for its long-lasting durability. The leather surface has disorganized wrinkles, scars, scratches that present the style of historical wildness.

When you pick up the leather, you can see the allochroic grounding which means the leather changes its color after use which will become shinning on the surface, soft and smooth to touch. The more you use it, the more unique it appears.

The dimension of the bag is (L) 15.6″ x (W) 4.1″ x (H) 11.8″; it weighs around 2.7 lbs. This bag can fit for a laptop up to 15.6-inch and A4 documents/folders/magazine. The strap length is adjustable up to 4 feet (135CM) according to your comfortable wish of carrying the bag. This bag can be used as a unisex college book bag, daily work bag/briefcase, laptop shoulder bag.

The features of this bag are well-made. The classic appearance was embellished with crazy-horse leather trim which is one of the best features and, rustproof hardware like zippers, rivet fasteners and the magnetic snaps brings it an exquisite and fashionable outlook.

The straps are easy to close and open. The handle is strong, and the pad makes your hand comfortable when you are carrying it in your travel. In the back, there is a no closure compartment which lets you store your simple items for easy access.

The practicality of this messenger bag is pretty well-maintained. The detachable strap along with the top handle offers different ways to carry this retro messenger bag. The interior compartment fits the laptop which makes it an ideal briefcase for business occasions.

The cross-body shoulder strap connecting to the bag in a double secure way can be easily adjusted to fit everyone’s needs. The interior compartment lined with soft fabric and the bottom was padded to better protect your personal belongings. The enhanced stitching & metal rivets are not only durable enough but also gives a neat look.

The zipper closure keeps the things safe inside the bag and also allows effortless access to the magnetic snaps even when you are in a hurry. The canvas and the leather material used helps resist water from damaging your possessions. The capacity will make you happy to store all you require for a business day and also sustains hard use.

Many college and high school students make use of them for fashionable and functional purposes, particularly those who commute on bicycles. Many companies design messenger bags explicitly for the collegiate market.

Compared to a backpack, it is much easier to place and remove textbooks, notebooks, and supplies from a messenger bag because they can be easily moved to lie on the side of the body or, if the strap is long enough, it will be there by default, granting the wearer better accessibility.

Messenger bags also provide more weather resistance than customary leather satchel style school bags. Although, the messenger bags are more often streamlined than a backpack and less bulky than a briefcase is much comfortable to carry along over the shoulder. This bag remains popular with vintage collectors and in “retro” designs.

The color ranges available are attractive and gives a refined look. The padded protection helps in protecting your things from damage in case of a fall or moderate compression. The leather will change its color after long use making it look much polished, but the canvas material remains the same and also it is sturdy even after a year of usage though.


  • The leather is supple and looks great
  • Comfortable and easy to adjust straps
  • Bigger capacity


  • Apprehensive Magnetic snap
  • Minimal Padding


Usually, the combination of canvas and leather products will be a showstopper.  This bag works equally well as a messenger bag or supplementary briefcase. The smart looks have also made them popular bags for men as well as women. With both pros and cons, the product experiences may differ from person to person. Overall it is a perfect bag of quality and moderate pricing.

Rather than opting for a cut-rate bag, you can switch to the long-lasting superior benefitting bags like Gootium Messenger Bag. Certainly, this kind of quality products will come with good services and warranty. This bag will suit you by all means if you are a fashion geek who moreover wanted roomy storage for your EDC items.

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