Rothco Vintage Explorer Messenger Bag Review

Travel bags are some of the most essential accessories that you can own when traveling around the city or even backpacking abroad! The main feature of travel bags or explorer shoulder bags is that they should be spacious, sturdy and convenient to carry around during traveling.

Rothco has an excellent selection of travel bags that are spacious, sturdy as well as super convenient to travel around with. This vintage canvas explorer shoulder bag from the brand is one such travel bag that you must invest in for your travels!

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This Rothco explorer shoulder bag is made of super sturdy cotton canvas fabric that is resistant to wear and tear. It is specially designed for users who want a rough and tough everyday use travel bag that doesn’t fall apart in just a few months from daily use.

The leather used on the accents of this shoulder bag such as the buckle straps as well as the side water bottle holder strap is 100% genuine leather which has excellent durability. The high-quality brass accents used in the buckles have an antique finish to them making them look vintage. These brass accents are super durable as well!

The sturdy and high-quality cotton canvas material used in manufacturing this shoulder bag are fade-resistant and super lightweight. This means that you don’t have to worry about the additional weight of the pack when carrying this around during your travels!

The Rothco explorer shoulder bag is super spacious to carry all your everyday essentials with ease. It has one large compartment on the inside with two small pouches inside as well as a zippered pocket inside. It also has a large zippered pocket on the backside for storing items such as your wallet, smartphone, pocket mirror and other items for easy access. Along with this, it has one large outer zippered pocket near the flap closure as well.

All the storage is neatly secured with a Velcro flap closure of this Rothco vintage explorer shoulder bag which makes it super easy to open and close the bag. The Velcro used is of excellent quality as well which will not loosen up with time, unlike other Velcro bags.

This spacious explorer shoulder bag has a long adjustable strap as well which you can use to carry the bag on one shoulder or as a crossbody bag for hands-free travel. This bag is quite large to store all your essentials comfortably, and the adjustable strap makes it super convenient to travel with this bag.

Another brownie point for this explorer shoulder bag is that it is incredibly low maintenance. Since it is made of sturdy material, you don’t have to worry about cuts, tears or the stitches coming off. You can easily handwash this at home and save a lot of money that you would spend on other bags for dry cleanings!

Rothco allows you to choose from four different colors of this shoulder bag to match your choice. The colors available are – Black, Khaki, Olive Drab, and Brown. This explorer shoulder bag is unisex with its casual and chic design which makes it an ideal bag for people of all ages and all genders!

You can also carry this bag to school or college to store all your books, iPad, electronic gadgets, food items, water bottles, stationery and a lot of other everyday essentials with ease. The only problem that one can face is that there is no division in the long main compartment to separately store your laptop which can lead to scratches on your laptop from the other items in your bag.

This bag is also great for backpackers who want a convenient and smaller bag for traveling, trekking, hiking, etc. instead of carrying their huge backpack everywhere with them. The sturdy material of this bag makes it resistant to scratches, cuts, tears, and fading which makes this an excellent choice for travelers and backpackers!

While this Rothco vintage canvas explorer shoulder bag is an excellent choice for travelers and college going people, this isn’t the ideal carry bag for official purposes. The vintage chic and casual look of this shoulder bag will not match your formal attire and can make you look very unprofessional as well.

The excellent storage capacity could also result in your stuffing this bag with a lot of things and ultimately make it too heavy and bulky! Try to organize your essentials carefully to avoid all that bulk and excessive weight which is completely unnecessary!

With so many different colors to choose from for this spacious and sturdy shoulder bag, this bag from Rothco is definitely a winner. It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl because the unisex design will match anyone of any age! Apart from that, this explorer shoulder bag is pretty affordable too, so you won’t need to shell out a lot of money to buy this!


  1. Super sturdy cotton canvas material used
  2. Leather and antique brass accents are high-quality and durable
  3. Spacious and lightweight for everyday travels
  4. Comes in four colors to choose from
  5. The unisex design allows anyone to purchase this!
  6. Low maintenance bag that can be hand-washed at home
  7. Affordable for the excellent quality and storage capacity


  1. Not ideal for formal wear
  2. No segregation for storing a laptop
  3. Might get too bulky for some people due to the excellent storage capacity


Overall, this vintage canvas explorer shoulder bag from Rothco is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a superb quality shoulder bag that is resistant to wear and tear and affordable at the same time! The superb storage space makes this perfect for carrying to school, college, backpacking trips and travels as well!

You can purchase this shoulder bag online and maybe if you wait patiently for the seasonal sales, you might get it for an even more affordable price!

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