Saddleback Leather Thin Front Pocket Briefcase

Are you in search of a briefcase which travels along with you for long years? Then your choice and analysis can be on a Saddleback Leather Thin briefcase. If you want to buy a thin front pocket leather briefcase, there are many in the market, but the choice for this briefcase makes your search end.

Saddleback is renowned for its best leather works and quality. Saddleback uses the best, most expensive, rugged, premium, chrome-tanned, full-grain cow leather sourced from reputable, environment-friendly tanneries. Their leather will soften with use and develop a beautiful patina with age. Due to the natural oils used for the making, the shades of the briefcase may vary.

Saddleback’s Thin Front Pocket Briefcase looks great in the courtroom, boardroom or on the mountain trail. It is the favorite of executives, lawyers, attorneys, military personnel, police, college students and both men and women. This case can comfortably hold a 15″ MacBook laptop computer.

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You can carry the bag over the shoulder, crossbody, or as a backpack. You can simply carry it by the center handle as a classic briefcase. By looping the removable shoulder strap through the center back O-Ring and attaching the 2 clasps to each cornerback D-Ring respectively, the briefcase easily converts into a comfortable leather backpack.

Why should you go for a thin briefcase?

Thin Briefcase is purely a briefcase. It’s something that you carry to work every day. It’s a bag that spends as much time with you as your cell phone and other necessary accessories of your everyday. It will become an extension of your fashion. Again all of this is suitable for a minimalist’ EDC.

The Thin Front Pocket Briefcase is crafted from tough, 100% full-grain leather, which takes hits well and looks even better with age. Full-grain is the top layer of the cow skin, which is the most expensive and durable part. Much higher quality than genuine leather, the leather becomes soft and supple as it ages.

15-Inch MacBook Pro fits in the medium Thin Briefcase, but it’s snug, tight fit, also remember that the leather stretches. It will not fit if you put the MacBook Pro in any case. There’s not enough room. It’s perhaps better to go with the large Thin Briefcase if you’re sporting the 15-inch MacBook.

In the back section, you can carry your MacBook, few documents, and a legal pad. In the front compartment, you can carry the MacBook charger, a few cables, an external hard drive and, a bottle of water. That’s the everyday packing list, and it fits just fine.

It is suitable for an extreme minimalist, who often carry sole travel bag. In addition to the items mentioned above, you can fold up a pair of underwear, a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and a pair of socks, and make it all fit. You cannot use this in place of the luggage. It’s a briefcase and doesn’t counterpart a suitcase.

The Thin Front Pocket Briefcase is stitched with marine-grade polyester thread, which is 4 times as tough as commonly used Nylon thread, and strengthened with copper rivets for super durability. It is lined with solid but soft pigskin lining, which is even stronger than cow leather and includes all stainless steel 316 hardware.

The pigskin interior is soft to the touch and adds a layer of grace to complement the rugged exterior. It supposedly makes cleaning out the dust over the bag easier. Moreover, it looks and feels great. It can easily accept scrapes on the pigskin. The character of this briefcase will start building even before you open the box.

The straps and buckles are perfect for hard hand, and it works great for lifelong. The first few accesses are expected to be hard because of its toughness then it takes effortless opening with a single hand. The strap and buckle are long enough letting you feel the resemblance of the vintage briefcase. Whereas zippers, in general, are great for travel gear, they have no habitation on a bag like this.

The Saddleback leather products are field-tested to handle stampeding elephants and make your daily morning commute easy. Whether your adventure takes you across the town on the train at rush hour, this briefcase gets you covered for all hustle bustles.

The metal hardware of the shoulder strap clinks a bit, and it is not recommended to take it to the meeting since it may attract attention. In case of any discomfort, you can remove the strap and carry it holding the handle. The shoulder strap is, of course, easy to detach. The latches are heavy-duty made and travel along with you for lifelong.

Here comes the main concern- the price is pretty on the higher side. To own fantastic quality products, you can prefer to take a chance during offers. Or else you can save a bit of money from the time you desire to buy and can get the magnificence by your side. Rather than burying the wish you can better lay a plan to execute it. Once you buy the beloved briefcase bag and carry along with you, there is always an undeniable state of bliss and satisfaction.


  • Supreme quality
  • Easy carry options
  • Effortless access to the items
  • Lightweight


  • Price on the upper hand
  • Perfect only for minimalist
  • Doesn’t suit all occasion
  • Vulnerable to scratches


This Saddleback Leather Briefcase will start gaining a bit more character due to the scratches and scrapes persisted over the years. It will look improved than when you first got it. The shoulder strap will start getting softer and more user-friendly. It will not have the same stiffness once it was. The same is for the closure strap.  It drives everywhere along with you in any weather condition.

Also, they have four fantastic sober color choices for your outright wish.

You will be in for a matchless experience when owning it. It marks the beginning of many adventures. The reason is that they are the absolute best quality product and engineered to last. You get for what you pay. Perhaps, the most compelling thing about why you should purchase a Saddleback product is the quality of leather designs, and they back it with a 100 Year Warranty.

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