SERBAGS Military Style Messenger Bag Review

Messenger bags are one of the most convenient styles of handbags that almost everyone loves all over the world. Whether you are a lady or a man, a girl or a boy, the messenger style handbag suits everyone! The reason why people like this style so much is because messenger bags are more spacious than a regular handbag or a briefcase and are also lightweight for everyday use. The convenient long strap of the messenger bag can be used as a crossbody for easy traveling as well as carry on the shoulder on one side for a chic look.

The Serbags military style messenger bag is the perfect handbag for you if you want a spacious, rough and tough and incredibly low maintenance handbag for everyday use. This messenger bag is made from premium quality cotton canvas which is super durable and resistant to wear and tear. The dual leather straps with adjustable buckles make it super easy to adjust the length of this bag as per your requirement. The antique finish brass metal buckles are non-corrosive and do not even get spoilt with time.

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The cheaper quality messenger bags usually use low-grade metal attachments and decorations which tend to get rusted and mess up the entire bag. The more inexpensive bags also have poor quality leather which falls apart in just a few weeks of usage! The Serbags messenger bag is superb quality and will last you a lifetime! You don’t have to waste your hard-earned money looking for different bags now and then when you invest in this Serbags military style messenger bag!

The only problem with this handbag is that it will not go with every outfit. For example, because of its vintage and rugged look, it might not be the best accessory for your formal wear. Because of this, you might need to use another briefcase or professional official attire messenger bag for a more sophisticated and professional look.  Also, for people who like non-bulky bags, this might not be the best option for you. Due to its excessive storage capacity, this messenger bag tends to get a little bulky.

Apart from that, this messenger bag is perfect in terms of storage! It has two large front pockets for storing your phone, headphones, wallet or keys and it has two side pockets for additional storage as well. The best about this messenger bag from Serbags is the fantastic internal capacity. You can comfortably carry you 15” laptop along with the charger and other wires along with a few books in this bag! College students will absolutely love this messenger bag because of its capacity!

Teenagers love to decorate their bags according to their style to make a fashion statement at school. You can also decorate this messenger bag by attaching badges or pins on this to give it more punk rock or funky look. Not just that; the cotton canvas also allows you to stick embroidered patches on your jacket which is an excellent style statement! This bag doesn’t fade at all, so you can easily machine wash it along with your embroidered patches on it without worry about a thing!

You can also carry this bag for camping, trekking or hunting trip. It can comfortably take your water bottle, first aid kit, electronic gadgets, hunting equipment, and a few snacks while you trek around the forest!

Since the canvas color is military green, it won’t be too flashy in the woods and attract a lot of attention from wild animals and predators. This spacious and sturdy bag will keep all your items safe and secure in the forest. The durable material is scratch or cuts resistant, so you won’t have to worry about sharp branches messing this bag up either!

If you are traveling internationally or backpacking with a few buds, this lightweight canvas messenger bag is perfect for you to store all your essentials in flight. Briefcases or even trolley base for cabin cargo can be extremely heavy which is where this Serbags messenger bag comes handy!

If you are looking for a rugged looking military style messenger bag, then this Serbags messenger bag is perfect for you. It is a unisex bag, so it doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman or even a teenager going to college because it is perfect for people of all ages! This extremely sturdy, durable and low maintenance bag is definitely a must-have for you. This bag can be easily washed as well and doesn’t need any fancy dry-cleaning like other designer messenger bags.


  1. The military-style canvas is exceptionally sturdy for everyday use
  2. Low maintenance cotton canvas can be washed at home too
  3. Unisex and perfect for people of all ages
  4. Incredibly long-lasting and lightweight as well
  5. Super spacious for extensive traveling


  1. Cannot be carried with every outfit
  2. Might be a little too bulky for people who like non-bulky and minimalist messenger bags

Overall, this bag is one of a kind and perfect for anyone who is looking for a low maintenance bag that is rough and tough. This bag is super spacious to carry a lot of your everyday essentials and also perfect for people who travel extensively or even for backpacking! Get your hands on this Serbags Military style messenger bag right away! You can easily purchase it online from e-commerce websites without wasting time driving to a mall or store!

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