SERBAGS Vintage Canvas Messenger Bag Review

One of the most spacious travel bags that you can invest in is a messenger bag. Messenger bags have been in fashion for decades because of their excellent storage as well as super convenient structure. Every handbag brand in the market has at least one variation of this messenger bag in their collection if not more.

Messenger bags were initially designed for the bicycle messengers as well as courier boys who used to travel by foot. These spacious bags could comfortably carry a lot of goods, messengers, and couriers for delivering. The convenient strap of this messenger bag allowed for a handsfree travel by putting it in a crossbody style.

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This iconic symbol of travel bags has very quickly become a fashion trend, and people of all ages love these bags! If you want to purchase a messenger bag for your everyday usage, this military-style vintage canvas leather messenger bag from Serbags is an excellent option for you! The vintage khaki color gives it a chic look.

Serbags brand has designed this messenger bag with a high-quality canvas fabric which is superb for everyday rough and tough usage. This canvas fabric is resistant to wear and tear and also extremely sturdy which will make this bag last you a lifetime!

The leather accents such as the strap, the buckles, and the handles are made of premium quality genuine leather which will stand the test of time. This genuine high-quality leather will not stretch, tear or fall apart in harsh weather changes unlike the ordinary leather bags in the market.

This canvas messenger bag has two pockets on the sides of the pack for carrying items that you need quick access to such as your headphones, water bottle, umbrella, and other such things. It has two additional pockets in the front for storing your mobile phone and other similar items for easy access. The one long compartment allows you to store a lot of items such as books, food items, and other essentials.

The best part about this messenger bag is that it is unisex. All people of all ages can carry this bag for their travels. It is also super affordable for the excellent storage capacity as well as the durable quality which is another brownie point for this Serbags messenger bag!

The excellent storage capacity of this messenger bag will make it a hit with college-going people. College-going people generally carry a lot of everyday essentials such as their makeup, gadgets, books, stationery, smartphone, wallet, water bottle as well as a change of clothes for the monsoons or winters.

This Serbags messenger bag will comfortably carry all your items for you no matter how heavy they are. The bag can carry heavy weights without tearing or falling apart so you can travel stress-free with this bag! The sturdy fabric is pretty lightweight too which doesn’t add any additional weight to carry around.

It is also an excellent option for trekking, camping, and hiking. Since this Serbags messenger bag is made out of sturdy canvas material, it will not get damaged by rocks, rough and sharp branches or even by falling to the ground, unlike delicate leather or nylon messenger bags. The excellent storage allows you to carry all your camping and hiking essentials with ease.

If you are looking for a smaller substitute for a backpack during your backpacking travel, this Serbags canvas messenger bag is a great option to choose for yourself. It can store all your items like passport, electronics, food items, camera items, water bottle, umbrella, etc. comfortably for handsfree travel!

While this bag is going to be a hit with travelers and college going people, this Serbags messenger bag might not be an excellent choice for working professionals who wear formal attire to work. This casual messenger bag will not suit your overall formal look and will make you look immature and unprofessional.

The problem that one might face with this Serbags messenger bag is that it is quite an unstructured travel bag. It doesn’t have a division in the certain to separately carry your books and your laptop which can be quite inconvenient for everyday use. However, you can carry your laptop if you don’t mind it rubbing it against your books and other essentials.

Another issue is that it comes with only one khaki color which means you don’t have a long list of color variations to choose from. The khaki color might not match every outfit as much as a black or even tan, a brown-colored messenger bag would.

This Serbags messenger bag has some of the best reviews online by customers who have bought and used this bag. It is affordable for the excellent quality and super spacious to store your everyday essentials without any additional bulk of the bag.

If you are looking for a super spacious and super durable canvas messenger bag, this Serbags vintage laptop canvas leather messenger bag is an excellent choice for you. You can carry it as a crossbody bag for hands-free travel or on one shoulder for a stylish look. The excellent price point for the superb quality is what matches this bag such a catch!


  1. Super durable canvas fabric which is resistant to wear and tear
  2. Excellent storage capacity to carry everyday essentials
  3. Affordable for the superb quality
  4. Lightweight fabric that doesn’t add additional weight to the bag


  1. Comes only in one khaki color
  2. Will not match professional formal wear
  3. No separate compartment to carry your laptop


Overall, for the excellent price point that Serbags offers on this canvas messenger bag, it is a perfect purchase for such a high-quality fabric. If you are someone who loves traveling or who goes to college, this rough and tough messenger bag is the ideal bag for you. Let’s not forget the superb storage capacity!

While you can’t browse through a large variety of colors for this messenger bag, this Khaki color is not too bad for an everyday use travel bag! So, what are you waiting for? Get online and shop for this Serbags Canvas messenger bag! You can easily find it online on e-commerce websites without wasting a lot of time at malls or stores looking for it.

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