The Ultimate Men’s Messenger Bag Buying Guide

For good reasons, there are many styles, and luxury brands are on the bandwagon of bags. Men are purchasing more bags than ever before, and wearing all types and want exclusive functions irrespective of the varieties. The mixture of function and fashion is driving the men’s bag excitement. But with several bag types on offer today and infinite styles to choose from, which bag is the perfect one for you? Here we give you the guide for one most opted bag of men- “The Messenger Bag.”

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What is a Messenger Bag?

A messenger bag is also called a courier bag. It is worn over one shoulder with a strap that goes across the chest resting the bag on the lower back; while messenger bags are sometimes used by courier men. They are now also an urban fashion icon. Some types of messenger bags are called carryalls.

A smaller version is often called a sling bag. These are similar to the functions of backpacks; messenger bags ensure comfort to people carrying heavy and bulky items while allowing easy access to the contents.

We break down the key points to buy the best messenger bag.

Materials: When we need to consider the durability we have to check the material used to construct the bag mainly. The choice of material likings differs from person to person. Below are certain types of materials and their properties.

  • Leather: It is the first and oldest material used for a messenger bag and yet it is being used It gives a more professional and traditional look. Even after long use, it performs well. We have full-grain and top-grain leather which are made from well-tanned leather. Thus, it offers a quality product.
  • Rubber: Rubber is similar to leather by the look, and it is naturally water If you want to go for a bag that sustains all temperature, then rubber made is not the apt one. It is not durable like other materials, and it is vulnerable to high temperatures.
  • Nylon: Nylon is spoken for its versatility, durability, and It is hard to tear. Nylon is water-resistant, and if you want to go for a fashionable bag, then you can go for the Nylon made. It can withstand any weather conditions.
  • Canvas: Canvas is woven to produce a sturdy and thick fiber. Canvas is usually water-resistant, lightweight and durable. The plain canvas can be easily blended with the colors and bring them trendy for modern use.

Closure: If you are a frequent traveler then you should go for a double closure than one single flap closure to keep your things intact. Zipper closure of the main compartment is the best secured one, and then the flap closure to cover the zippered compartment will give you complete protection. In case you are busy in travel and you forget to close the zipper, the flap closure might help to snap on the magnetic buttons and keeps your things safe from falling out.

Interior: Looking for the good interior of the bag is a must. The padded interiors are good to store your electronics like a laptop, camera, iPad, etc. The mélange of plastic and fabric interiors are the durable one. The interior with only plastic is good to look but not durable. Sometimes if you find the nylon lining, then that is the topmost preferred lining to protect your interior as well as your items from direct contact with the material of the bag.

Workmanship: The great workmanship is exposed to the quality of finishing. The double stitching gives a neat look, and predominantly it increases the service life of the bag. The perfect edges, looks, and life of the stitching are the main factors to praise the workmanship.

Straps: Check for the adjustable straps and the quality to make your carry easier. If you are a biker or a cycle rider, then find the length of the strap and also choose the bag with the customizable strap. To pack the heaviest things closest to your back to ease the strain on your back the straps play a major role. The buckles connecting the straps should be of good quality to sustain the tension while carrying. The padded strap should be great for those who carry the long bag time with a lot of items.

Compartment/Pockets: The size of the compartment should be sufficient enough to keep your laptop and pull it out with ease. It is much preferable if the bag contains extra pockets for phone, cards, pen, and other everyday small stuff to compromise the take of the wallet as an extra carry. You should also check whether the bag allows easy access to all your items.

Shape: The shape of the messenger bag depends purely on the individuals. If you want soft carry and an easy fit on your back, then you can prefer the polyester which will not have a proper shape but be soft. If you want a professional rigidity as a briefcase to fit on your back, then you should go for the leather made or any sturdy material messenger bag.

The messenger bag is recognized, and it is famous for its cross-body capabilities and satchel retro look. The flappy, buckled designs have their place. Leatherworks best in this style for a dressier look, as the bag’s shoulder-flung wearing, is quite casual. Whereas, wearing it with a suit may not work for those who are in corporate roles.

Select a medium-sized messenger bag to pair with a weekend or work attire. If the strap is too long, it will drop past your waistline and will seem sloppy and imperfect when compared to the professional-looking messenger bag.

Is every messenger bag comfortable for everyone?

Each messenger bag has its properties it may not suit everyone generically.

  • Satchels resemble briefcases, in the logic that they’re defined by the presence of two vertical straps for the buckles which help close the bag. Apart from that, they can vary regarding size, style, and design. It will be suitable for men who like the closeness to a briefcase.

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  • The briefcase bag’s main characteristic is the fact that it’s made of leather. And then, what sets it apart from other types of leather bags for men is its retro schoolboy-inspired design. A leather briefcase will always feature a frontal flap, with one or two buckle straps, plus optional outer front pockets.

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  • The saddle messenger bag is very similar to satchels, but they’re set apart by their round shape. Originally, this was introduced to make the bags easier to wear by horseback riders. Nowadays, it’s chosen by the cool and young community.

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  • Military messenger bags inspired by the army-rugged and rough material. They include badges or text in military-inspired fonts. They have several pockets, both on the inside, as well as on the outside, and usually come in green, or khaki.

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These varieties have their peculiar significance, and the company which produces them is also an important factor in choosing the best quality messenger bag. There are even more features and properties to be checked along with the analysis of the warranty. Hope this section helps you in finding the Grade A messenger bag of your wish!

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