Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag Review

Every one of us wants our things to be snug and secure even till their last use. Likewise, when we buy our first new laptop, we will go in search of the bag which is good looking and also perfect for the machine. It is essential to have a bag that is more comfortable and protects the things contained. There are a lot of brands that produce varied collections of Laptop Messenger Bags; Timbuk 2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag is one amongst those best.

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Timbuk2 has designed quality bags, packs, and accessories built to last a lifetime, embryonic from the original bike messenger company to the pioneer of made-in-America customization and an industry leader in forward-thinking, sustainable manufacturing.

Irrespective of the cost of the things inside the bag, the bag is the primary thing which attracts the sight of everyone. When it comes to the look, Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag is stylish and unpretentious. It is made up of 100% polyester material. Timbuk2 bag is compliant under the Transportation Security Authorization (TSA).

You can send your bag through security without removing devices. The size of the bag is easy to carry, and also it can easily pass through for attaching to your roller bag. There are few internal pockets for pens, phones and other small stuff that are organized and don’t shuffle when shifting.

The external access zipper pocket on the side offers quick access to your power brick or cords and makes your actions simpler. The Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material is lined for the weatherproof flap and used as a lining in the bag construction.

When compared to other bags Timbuk2 Command bag has a coordinating padded strap which makes you feel more comfortable and also stays easily over the shoulder and across the body. The usual way of carrying a favorite bag especially when you are in daily busy travel, it would wear across the way.

With the help of the long strap, you can adjust the way you are comfortable carrying. You can also detach it if you don’t like that style of wearing and you can customize according to your wish. The Timbuk2 Command bag has a removable crossbody strap that can be used for stabilization.

The Timbuk2 Command is an excellent modern update by a traditional, iconic messenger bag manufacturer. This bag has placed itself in for a top pick business use, for its useful electronic features, and the ease of use for travel.

The zipper closure adds extra protection for your laptop, charger and other accessories and keeps it secure inside the bag. The flap also protects the things from any weather conditions. There are no unwanted webbings and unorganized pockets. The bag is roomy enough to store all your necessary electronic things for a business day.

The soft body is an advantage in case of any space problem in aircraft or other places. Timbuk2 Command bag is good for bike rides too. It is comfortable even when loaded down with heavy books and electronics.

The tricot-lined floating pockets for sunglasses provide a smooth but durable surface for scratch-free storage. The pockets are thoughtfully mapped out, providing a very clean organization scheme, especially for office/school supplies.


  • An excellent choice for business travel
  • Clever zippered compartment
  • Electronics are safely padded
  • No loud noise while navigating
  • Secure Velcro straps
  • Comfortable even when loaded with electronics


  • The boxy shape feels like soft briefcase strapped to your back
  • Front buckles

The sleek-looking Timbuk2 Command bag with a low profile is good for traversing in crowded urban areas. It is easy to pack office supplies, but not clothes. The wear and tear of the bag are good and it can withstand the rain and storm conditions.

This slim profile bag bulges out when stuffed up with maximum things, which strains the zipper and paves way for durability issues. This exceptionally great bag is perfect to roll in the airport effortlessly and do the need.

With this messenger bag, the Timbuk2 command shows excellent awareness of the diverse needs of its modern messenger bag users. Some of the great things about this company are its focus on keeping manufacturing local to help the community and a lifetime warranty on their backpacks.


The Timbuk2 Command isn’t exaggeratedly professional, so you stand out in the leisure crowd, but it will easily suit meetings with the superior or an important business trip out of the country. Whatever your trip demands, it will keep electronics outstandingly well padded, and make urban and international travel much easier.  This bag is best for your daily commute.

The Timbuk2 Command bag is an above-average product that helps you in the way you want your things to be carried. You will be likely to worth the cost to keep your laptop, tablet, and documents well-ordered and neat through many travels and commuting conditions.

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