Tumi Alpha Bravo Earle Compact Brief Review

Briefcases have been one of the most essential fashion icon styles for the lawyers and people in the business. Briefcases were initially manufactured and designed with the idea or organizing all their necessary documents to safely and securely carry their legal documents, cash, stationery, and other items. Briefcases are some of the best types of handbags to organize all your things in the bag for everyday use.

Every professional person at one point in their life wants to get their hands on a professional briefcase to carry on their way to work and back because it adds that extra classy and sophisticated look to the entire outfit. This briefcase is from the ‘Bravo’ collection of Tumi which has modern and chic yet casual travel bags that are compact.

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This collection has some of the best compact travel bags, and this Earle Compact Briefcase is one of them. The modern design of this briefcase makes it stand out from the conventionally sized briefcases that are rectangular and hard-surfaced which make them look extremely professional. This means that you can’t carry them with your casual everyday outfits! But when you buy this Tumi Alpha Bravo Briefcase bag, you can bring it with every outfit be it formal or informal!

The best part is that it isn’t your stereotypical briefcase which is what makes it perfect the modern professional person. This briefcase is incredibly sturdy and made from the finest quality materials to ensure that this bag is resistant to wear and tear and ideal for everyday use. The man-made material of the webbing canvas makes this briefcase perfect for daily use and is much better than the regular cotton canvas materials.

The leather accents on this briefcase are made of 100% genuine leather which is durable, long-lasting and does not stretch or feather away with time. This Tumi briefcase has two handles to carry in your hand for a professional look along with a long sling made out of the same webbing material to carry it as a crossbody bag or on one shoulder.

The storage capacity of this bag is incredible. It has one huge laptop compartment, two open pockets for additional storage, one iPad compartment, two media pockets, three business card pockets along with a key leash and a pen loop! You can carry everything you need in a day in this briefcase and not just that; all your items will be organized properly so you won’t have to dig around in your bag looking for your pens, your headphones, your business cards and so on.

This is perfect for everyday travel because everything you need for your day is going to right here in this briefcase! Along with all of this storage, you can also ensure that all your items are secure for travel with the zipper closure for all the main compartments, quick access front pocket with a magnetic snap and one zipped pocket with luggage tag.

Apart from the professional use of this wallet, you can also use it for traveling especially if you are visiting abroad, this Tumi briefcase is excellent for you. You can organize all your travel documents along with your everyday essentials for your trip. You can use this to travel to the countries on your journey as well to keep your essentials completely organized. You could use this in place of your messenger bag which will look way more classy and sophisticated to carry on your outfits.

The sturdy material of this modern briefcase is entirely resistant to scratches and tears which makes it perfect for extensive traveling. You won’t have to worry about your bag falling apart during the travels unlike your cheaper and low-quality material or cotton canvas handbags or briefcases.

If you are a college student who wants a classy yet edgy looking briefcase for carrying to the college or school, this Tumi briefcase is an excellent choice for you. You can carry your laptop, iPad, a few notebooks along with your stationery and snacks for the day in this briefcase. It is super spacious for holding all your essential items which is what makes this briefcase so perfect for you!

It isn’t a conventional-looking briefcase with those old school looking features and hardcover which is what makes this perfect for a modern everyday college person. This briefcase will give you a more composed and classy look which will put the right impression out to your teachers at school!

While the modern and edgy design is an eye-catcher and will be loved by all, the older generations might not fancy this briefcase. The older generations usually prefer the classy briefcase with the hardcover and rectangular briefcase. Also, if you have an extremely classy taste in briefcases and want something only for professional use such as for meetings with businesspeople and huge multinational corporation officials, then this modern and edgy briefcase might not be the best option for you.

This Tumi briefcase has excellent customer reviews online and is definitely worth the price! It is perfect for men and women both as well as for people of all ages. With excellent storage space and durable quality of materials used, this briefcase is the perfect fit for anyone who wants a sturdy designer briefcase that makes them stand out from the crowd!


  1. Extremely sturdy quality of webbing material used
  2. Leather accents are made of 100% genuine leather
  3. Durable and long-lasting briefcase
  4. Perfect for every outfit be it formal or casual
  5. Storage capacity is outstanding
  6. The lightweight material has no added weight to the briefcase


  1. Only available in black (hickory) color
  2. Might be too modern for older people who like the classy look of a traditional briefcase
  3. Slightly expensive compared to other briefcases in the market.


Overall, if you want to get your hands on a designer briefcase that has a modern and edgy design with excellent storage capacity, then this Tumi Alpha Bravo Earle Compact briefcase is the best one for you! This briefcase will keep all your items organized on the go, and you won’t have to take forever to find your items in the bag either!

While this Tumi briefcase is slightly on the expensive side, it is completely worth the price for the excellent quality and incredible finishing of the briefcase. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this excellent Tumi Alpha Bravo Earle Compact briefcase today. You will not regret this purchase at all and will receive a lot of compliments from your friends, colleagues and family members!

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