Visconti Leather Distressed Messenger Bag Review

Messenger bags are one of the most convenient handbag styles that have been around for decades. A lot of brands have their own range of designer messenger bags to get in on the trend and demand for these comfortable and spacious handbags. Women and men both, love these messenger bags because they are incredibly spacious and can be worn in a crossbody style for easy handsfree traveling.

These days, there are a lot of different designs, models, colors and sizes of messenger bags that you can choose from. If a minimalistic design is your style, then this Visconti leather distressed messenger bag is the one for you. The clean and straightforward leather flap and design of this messenger bag has a classy and sophisticated look and feel which makes it perfect for the minimalist person.

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This messenger bag is made of 100% genuine leather which has a uniquely rugged and antique look that looks extraordinarily classy and chic. The natural scars, scratches, and wrinkles on this leather bag give it that raw finish which looks incredibly stunning!

This Visconti distressed leather messenger bag is crafted in the UK with excellent craftsmanship to ensure a sturdy finish that is resistant to wear and tear. The Harvard collection of Visconti has an excellent range of classy and sophisticated bags, and this messenger bag is from the same collection.

The contrast stitching is what makes the superb texture of this leather stand out from the rest of the messenger bags in the market. Apart from its minimalistic and classy design, this messenger bag has a brilliant storage capacity as well.

The interior of the bag is lined with cardholders, one cell phone pocket, and pen holders to help you organized your smaller items easily in the bag. This way, you won’t have to dig your bag looking for your essentials. The interior also contains another pocket that has a zipper to store all your essential documents or items in a more secure spot in the bag.

There is enough space for a laptop in this messenger bag along with a few books as well! All of this excellent storage is covered with a full flap of the Visconti leather messenger bag with two magnetic brass snaps that have an antique finish to go with the antique look of this bag. The sliding rubber grip on the leather strap allows you to comfortably carry this messenger bag around without the handle slipping off your shoulder while traveling.

Another excellent point about this messenger bag is that it doesn’t get bulky with all the incredible storage capacity. The leather doesn’t even get stretched, or the stitches don’t come off with extra weight in the bag so you can carry all your essentials stress-free when you purchase this Visconti leather messenger bag.

This Visconti leather messenger bag is perfect to go with all your professional formal outfits as well as casual everyday outfits. The simplistic and minimalistic design of this messenger bag doesn’t make it look too over the top or tacky, unlike other leather bags. The distressed and rugged look looks classic for every event.

With the excellent storage space of this messenger bag, you can comfortably carry all your items such as books, water bottles, stationery, electronic gadgets, headphones, wallet, perfume, etc. You can also bring your laptop and iPad in this spacious messenger bag for your daily work and professional meetings! Unlike other leather bags, this will look extremely classy with your professional formal clothes.

If you are a college-going student, you will love this Visconti leather messenger bag as well. It has the perfect storage capacity to carry your everyday essentials including your laptop and books without any additional bulk.

You can easily bring along your smartphone, wallet, snacks and a water bottle along with your laptop and books in this messenger bag. The adjustable straps of this messenger bag help you to carry this bag in a crossbody style or on one shoulder depending on your convenience.

This Visconti messenger bag is perfect for carrying during your travels as well. You can carry your passport, travel documents, and other essential items along with your laptop, novel, makeup, portable charger, etc. in flight as well as while touring the new country you are visiting! This Visconti messenger bag looks exceptionally classy for traveling, unlike those airbags which look very basic and common.

You will be grabbing a lot of attention at the airport as well as during your tours with this classy messenger bag from Visconti! It photographs brilliantly as well which will work great for you if you are fashion and travel blogger online.

This messenger bag is one of the best in the market and definitely a winner in the minimalist bag collections online as well as offline. Whether you are a traveler, working professional, college student, this Visconti leather messenger bag is the best handbag for all your essentials.

You can carry it crossbody during your everyday travels as well as international travels for comfortable handsfree traveling. You can also select from four classy colors of this messenger bag to find the color that best suits your style and preferences.


  1. Perfect messenger bag for the minimalist person
  2. Comes in 4 different colors to choose from
  3. Classy and chic look which suits every outfit
  4. 100% genuine leather which makes this messenger bag extremely durable
  5. Spacious for everyday use
  6. Will suit men and women of all ages


  1. Not waterproof
  2. Slightly expensive which might not suit everyone’s budget


Overall, this is an excellent minimalist and chic looking messenger bag from Visconti that is perfect for men and women both. The incredible storage capacity makes it ideal for everyday travel to carry all your essentials.

While the price of this messenger bag is slightly higher than other messenger bags in the market, you enjoy excellent quality genuine leather and supreme quality stitching which makes this bag long-lasting and completely worth the price!

You can easily purchase this Visconti Distressed Leather messenger bag online and have it delivered right to your doorstep instead of wasting time at the mall looking for one! Get yours today and add this classy and sophisticate messenger bag to your bag collection!

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