Zebella Vintage PU Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

Classy briefcases complete a formal outfit as no other travel bag can. Every professional should invest in a classy leather briefcase to carry their everyday essentials to work in style and to give a more classy and professional look. These days, there are so many brands that make high-quality briefcase bags for professionals.

The reason why working professionals are always looking for a classy briefcase is that apart from the professional look of the bag, it also helps to organize all the everyday essentials neatly. There is proper segregation for every item in a briefcase such as your documents, stationery, laptop, etc.

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There are a lot of different versions of briefcases in the market such as the hardcover briefcases, softcover with a messenger style look, more edgy and modern design briefcases, vegan leather briefcases and so many such different varieties. You can be spoiled for choices when you shop for a briefcase these days!

If you are looking for a classy and affordable briefcase-style messenger bag, this bag from Zebella is the ideal choice for you. The design is chic, the stitch is done to perfection, and the accessories in this bag are incredibly classy. The strap design makes this briefcase look edgy and sleek for the modern man.

This classy Zebella briefcase messenger bag is made of 100% PU crazy horse leather which is soft and smooth to touch. This leather is extremely sturdy as well as durable for everyday usage. The stitching of this bag is done with utmost care to ensure the bag does not come apart with excess weight in it.

This briefcase with a messenger bag style has excellent storage too. It has a total of five pockets – one main compartment, one interior side zipped pocket, one back zipped pocket, one mobile phone holder, one wallet holder along with a multi-function storage area. You can neatly organize all your items in this briefcase!

The adjustable and removable shoulder straps make it perfect for easy and comfortable traveling. Unlike other professional briefcases, this Zebella bag comes in three classy colors to choose from – black, brown and light brown. You can select any of these colors to find the one that matches your style perfectly!

The spacious compartments and complete segregation of these compartments make it a perfect and organized way to store all your essentials. You won’t have to waste time digging through your bag looking for your cell phone, your keys, wallet or any other things in this bag!

The vintage briefcase messenger bag is one of the best professional-looking bags that you can purchase for yourself to carry to work and professional meetings. The classy and vintage look of the vintage and the design of this bag makes it the perfect accessory for your formal outfits and formal shoes.

If you study at a university that has a strict professional code for formal clothing, this Zebella briefcase messenger bag will be the ideal choice for you. You can carry it on one should or even crossbody style for a handsfree traveling experience.

You can also carry this professional briefcase from Zebella for your travels instead of your cabin bag or your backpack for a classy travel look. You can arrange all your travel documents along with your laptop, iPad, electronics and other essentials in this bag making it perfect for your travels.

While this Zebella briefcase messenger bag is ideal for formal wear as well as for formal college wear and airplane travels, this is not the most casual looking bag. You cannot carry this on your casual denim and t-shirt as it won’t match the style. It is also designed in a masculine style which makes this strictly for men and not a unisex briefcase bag.

When you purchase this Zebella briefcase messenger bag, you also enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee from the brand. If you are not satisfied with your purchase or if you face any issues with this briefcase messenger bag, you can have it returned for a replacement or full refund back.

If you are looking for an affordable professional briefcase-style messenger bag for your official meetings and for carrying to work every day, this Zebella vintage PU leather briefcase is the ideal choice of a messenger bag for you. It is sturdy, resistant to wear and tear and also super comfortable to travel with!

The leather quality is on par with high-end brands which is exceptionally long-lasting. You won’t have to buy any other messenger bag for years to come when you invest in this Zebella briefcase messenger bag!


  1. An extremely sturdy leather material used
  2. Perfect for professionals to match their formal outfits
  3. Excellent storage capacity
  4. Non-bulky and lightweight material
  5. Available in three different colors to choose from
  6. Affordable for the excellent price point and quality of the bag


  1. Not vegan-friendly
  2. Too professional looking for a casual outfit
  3. Not a unisex design


Overall, this is an excellent professional briefcase from Zebella for men who want a spacious messenger style briefcase to carry to work and for meetings. This extremely durable and sturdy briefcase will last you a lifetime with its superb resistance to wear and tear. Zebella also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on this bag if you aren’t satisfied with this bag!

This Zebella bag is super affordable and long-lasting as well for the excellent quality that the brand offers. It is worth the price, and you will not regret this purchase decision at all. Besides, who likes purchasing new travel bags every now and then!

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